Planker Pro – Level/Gameplay Designer


Date: February 2016 – August 2016 (6 months)

Engine + Platform: Unreal Engine 4, PC

Description and Details 

Planker Pro acted as the final project for my Game Production II class. In a world where planking is illegal, defy the cops chasing you and plank as much as you can. Plank on top of things like traffic cones, hot dog carts, street lights and even fake flamingos. As part of a team of 7, I was brought on as a designer in order to assist with both level design and minor particle creation for the game as we moved towards the final product. This project was produced within a scrum environment.

Level Design

The project’s initial timeline took place over the span of 10 weeks, with me joining the team during the latter half of week 3. At that point, we didn’t really have a lot of the systems implemented within the game and the city was largely unfinished. With this being the case, it was decided that I would split the task of the game’s level design with the other designer, Devin Broughton. I would take on both the city park and skate park areas of the level while Devin would construct much of the “city” part of the map itself (with both of us working to clutter the map as a whole.


The above picture shows the level as a finished product. As I mentioned earlier on, I was in charge of the city park and skate park areas, which can be seen in the bottom left and mid right of the above image respectively. I had never really focused too much on outdoor areas when it came to level design before, so I was left searching for references for both the city and skate park areas.

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Gameplay Design

Level design wasn’t my only job for this project, as gameplay design actually went hand in hand with the creation of the level itself. Since the game is an asymmetrical competitive game, I had to make sure that the area was large enough for players to have space to interact freely but not so large that players could never find one another.

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