Bleedin’ Ink – Systems Designer


Bleedin’ Ink is a mobile tattoo artist game which utilizes the touch screen and gyroscope components of smartphones to allow players to draw specific tattoo designs. The game was originally created in Adobe Flash CS6 and coded in AS3, but it has been moved to Unity 5 for further development.

The player starts off as a beginner in the hard streets of England and they must show their tattooing prowess in order to afford a professional shop and become a tattoo legend. The tattoos can be selected based on their difficulty, and the design is traced on the customer using the index finger and the gyroscope capability of the smart phone. There are several different pens that write in several different patterns for the player to use, and more can be bought from the in-game store using the money earned from successful tattoos.

Reception and Feedback

When our team produced the final prototype (not the finished product) of the game at the end of the school year in 2015, it was met with wide approval. All of those who played and tested the game enjoyed it greatly and constantly stated how much they wanted to play the game again to beat their previous scores.

However, despite the game’s initial success, we also received some feedback stating that while a lot of people wanted to play again, the game was incredibly hard and was in danger of alienating a large number of potential players. The small number of different tattoo designs was also cited as one of the game’s weak points.

Moving Forward

The game has not yet been finished or published, as it was simply a final project for my Production I class when I was a sophomore. However, we would like to continue development on the game and bring it to completion in order to publish it for free. The prototype has been moved from Adobe Flash CS6 to Unity 5 and the game is set to resume production in the coming summer of 2016.

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