Incorporating for Steam and Work Changes

Ah, Steam. I do love you but you certainly are a cruel mistress. Lately, we’ve been trying to get our game up on Steam, for free mind you, in order to garner more widespread feedback. Trying is the key word here as after we finally managed to get the whole project upload hierarchy for Steam set up, we found out that we need to submit a company form from our team in order to upload the game, something that we don’t have. Basically, it means that in order for us to get our game up on the Steam marketplace, whether it’s free or not, we have to incorporate and become an actual company or at least an LLC. It certainly wasn’t something that we were aware of and it put a bit of a wrench in that whole Steam plan. Well, sort of, anyways. Our Producer and I went and spoke to the college’s BYOBiz creator, a professor here, and he ran us through the process that it would take to become an LLC which, while not complicated, would also cost between $600 and $700. This was the biggest problem for us, being a group of poor college students and all.


Here’s a nice picture of the Steam logo that I found 😀

We spoke to the rest of the team about this development and we all agreed that we would attempt to speak to some of the deans here at the college in order to see if they would assist us. Right now, we’re looking to talk to the dean of the CCM department in order to see if the college or even The Champlain College Game Studio could cover the legal costs. So far, that’s as far as this development has gone but be sure to keep checking back for updates on this matter. There’ll definitely be a post dedicated to this specifically if we manage to get the game on Steam.

We’re not done here yet, though. There’s still one more thing that I’d like to talk about, specifically my role as a developer for Sword of the Sorcerer. Now, this isn’t me saying that I don’t want to work on this anymore or anything like that but it is a bit of an explanation for people (and maybe a little bit for myself). I am the Lead Designer for Sword of the Sorcerer, that much is obvious. However, I was also taking on a Level Designer role this semester to add to my workload since some of the stuff that I worked on (like particles, for instance) would be given over to new artists. At first, this was fine but at some point a few weeks ago we decided as a team that, given the timeline that we have for the game’s development, we would be focusing on the one main level that we have instead of creating any additional levels. This meant that a lot of the work I had planned was in a sense cut from the schedule which was a bit worrying at the time. It was for the best, though, as working on a VR game means less time should be spent adding and more should be spent polishing. However, that also means that a lot of my work this semester has been outside of the game with systems design and more-so gameplay design. I’ve been helping to make sure that we can make the second-to-second gameplay as playable and fun as it can be in order to attract more players. That means a lot of drafting up ideas on paper and not in-engine, which also means barely any repository commits by me will exist during this semester.

At first, I was slightly upset about this since I (at the beginning) felt like I wasn’t doing as much as I could/should have been. However, I now know that I still fill quite an important role on the team (as the Lead Designer, obviously) as a Gameplay Designer. As someone who hasn’t concentrated entirely on Gameplay Design in this way before, I find that, although a lot of my work is not in-engine, I’m learning quite a lot about this aspect of design. One thing I’ve learned is that I also enjoy this aspect of Gameplay Design almost as much as I do generic Gameplay Design that takes place in-engine, which bodes well for future job opportunities. I’m still getting pretty decent hours every week and I’ll also be helping out with particle systems and sounds in the near future, so there certainly isn’t any need to worry.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and do be sure to stay tuned for more weekly updates on the game’s progress! Thanks for reading!


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