GDC and More Progress

So I went to GDC this past week for the first time ever and let me just say that it was awesome. Sure, it cost a ton of money, but I made so many connections and learned so much awesome stuff from all the different sessions and talks that I attended and all the great developers I met, indie or otherwise. In the future, hopefully even next year, I’ll definitely be back here. The connections and information that can be gained are invaluable and I’d say that coming here has helped me to become a better designer overall.

Actually, let’s talk a bit about some of the connections that we made at GDC this past week. For one, we met a man named Robin Alter, the VP of Strategic Partnerships of a company called Ultrahaptics, at the Champlain College reception. Ultrahaptics makes tech that uses sound waves to simulate touch and feel within VR spaces, allowing you to actually “feel” a shape within VR by shaping sound waves to that specific shape. It’s absolutely amazing tech but what’s even more amazing is the fact that both Robin and another member of Ultrahaptics, the VP of Products & Marketing, Anders Hakfelt, are interested in our game! That’s right, we showed them some footage of our game during the school’s reception and they loved it! So much, in fact, that Robin asked us if we could send him a playable build of the game to try out on his personal VIVE. This could potentially mean procuring this kind of tech for our game or at least the college itself, which would be a huge benefit to future VR developers here. It may take awhile to send them an acceptable build, but know that we absolutely plan to do it as soon as we’re able to.

We also stumbled across a company called Nordic Trolls here at GDC. They were showing off their VR game which is fairly similar to ours in that one of the two players is given a sword and a shield. We actually went as a team and checked out their game to see if they had solved any of the problems that we’ve run into so far such as actually getting people to use the shield. Unfortunately, while they solved stuff with the shield for themselves, the only solution that might be of some use to us for the shield would be to make it look cooler than it currently does. Still, even if we didn’t find a lot that we could implement into our game (at the moment, anyways), it was cool to see how a game similar to ours was produced and it was cool to see how ours compared to theirs thus far.

I gave out a hell of a lot of business cards too, so that was pretty awesome, and I also got to meet a bunch of awesome big names in the industry and chat with them for a bit. Basically, I’ll just end this blog by saying, if you make games or even if you just like them (and you have the money and time), go to GDC. You won’t regret it. San Francisco is a beautiful city (especially if you’ve never been before) and the amount of connections knowledge of game development and the industry itself to gain is priceless. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the more regularly-scheduled updates that have a bit more to do with our game.


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