Hello again, my wonderful readers! It is I, Chris Jeffery, back with some more news about our game and its development. It’s been a bit of a busy week and we’ve added some cool stuff into the game!

First off, we’ve added Sparklebitch, the warhammer that I mentioned in a previous blog post……..at least I think I did. We’ve got it in the game, working well and it looks absolutely fantastic! Hats off to our prop artist Andrea Leimer for her awesome work on the new weapon and some more great props to come in the future.

We also just recently got our new combat music from our friend Jackson Roe and it sounds absolutely amazing! With that, we can finally make a new trailer without copyrighted material, which also means that we’re at a point where we can begin the process of placing the game on Steam Early Access.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest things that I’d like to take the time to talk about. We’ve been planning to throw this game up on Steam Early Access for quite awhile now for a few reasons. First off, since we’re making a VR game we don’t have to go through Steam’s Greenlight program, which is actually incredibly helpful to us as it speeds up the process as a whole by skipping the “middle-man.” Second, placing the game on Early Access allows us to reach a much larger audience outside of Champlain’s campus much earlier which in turn allows us to get more valuable feedback from actual VR customers on the market. If we’re being technical, then we could say that having a game available on Steam also gives myself and my team members more credibility as developers and looks fantastic on both a portfolio and a resumé.


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