Taking a Step Back

This past week has been rather eye-opening for us a as a team. I’m going to get right into it and tell you all exactly what’s going on through my favorite medium, bulleted lists! Well, at least the list will come into play at some point within this post.

Anyways, we’ll start with testing. We had our first QA session for our game just last night on Saturday and it didn’t really go to well at all. The game was the buggiest it has ever been during a QA session, so much so that we actually pulled the game from QA a little early. I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t a little disheartening, but you know what? We’ll bounce back from it. The Woo Ladders always come back strong! In fact, we already had a way to bounce back with the game in terms of overall development and that way was to take a step back. What’s been happening this semester is we’ve been coming up with a lot of ideas for things to throw in the game that would be cool but that may not work out in terms of the timetable that we’re following. This isn’t always a bad thing, but even though we’ve been making progress with the game’s development, it’s this kind of ideation that has also been creating pitfalls for us.

In light of this, we’ve decided that we will put a freeze on adding a ton of new elements into the game in favor of shoring up the core game loop which is simply combat/smacking skeletons around. If the game is endlessly fun to play, then people will want to play it more and more regardless of how many different levels or weapons are in the game. Going off of this, here’s a list of the things that we want to get in/shore up in the game going forward:

  • Get In
    • Weapon Room
    • Hammer
    • Flail
    • The ability to knock skeletons into other skeletons and environment pieces for bonus points
  • Shore Up/Polish
    • Combat
    • Ragdoll
    • Score and Wave Systems
    • SPELLS

Right now, it seems like a small list but don’t let that deceive you, readers. All of these things will actually take a fair bit of time to either get in the game or shore up/polish. As always, though, we will keep pushing forward as we move towards our midterm milestone! Wish us luck as we go and stay tuned for more weekly updates! Go Woo Ladders!



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