Keep On Chuggin’

This past week has been quite the adventure for us! We’ve had ups and downs but luckily it was mostly ups this time around. To give a bit more info, we’ll talk about some of the things we’ve decided upon with the game so far. Some of these may have been mentioned (in passing) in my previous post so if they have, please bare with me.

First of all, looking back at last semester, one of the biggest things that people didn’t really like (including us) was the tutorial that we created. All it has was a few platforms with floating controller diagrams telling the player what to do and what buttons to press accompanied by seemingly unending VO from our friendly neighborhood wizard, George Sutherland-Howard. Much of that VO was backstory, which is something that we didn’t need, so we decided that we would revamp the tutorial to give it more gameplay integration. Our first idea was to have the player scaling a mountain and then entering a cave where they would pick up their sword and have to defeat an enemy. After this, they would scale the rest of the way up the mountain until they reached the game’s main level.

I know, it sounds pretty cool, right? It sounded cool to us too, but there was a problem. Modeling an entire mountain and a cave going through it would have proven to be a massive challenge for our new environment artist and it would have weighed her down a lot, so we decided to nix the idea. Instead, we decided that the main level would simply be floating over a crater and that the player would once again travers over floating platforms to reach the main level. This time, however, the VO lines that we’ve come up with so far are short, funny and incredibly meta. Right now we’re hard at work trying to get the tutorial ready to be put in the game.


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