Moving Forward

We’re still going strong! This past week, we accomplished a pretty good amount and came up with some pretty great ideas for the game! First off, the level will be over a massive crater with a tutorial having the player advance upwards towards the actual level. In this way, we incorporate gameplay integration into the tutorial and we also take some pressure off of the environment artist for now.

Just as well, we’re about ready to add second weapon into the game, which is a warhammer that we’ve lovingly called Sparklebitch. Not only that, but we’ve got some great ideas for additional weapons to put into the game in the future such as a flail made out of the head of one of the enemies.

Aside from that, we’re also recruiting some non-game majors at the school and even someone from Tennessee to help out with different aspects of the game’s development. First off, we’ve got our good friend Jackson Roe who will be handling the music, our buddy Matthew Bornhorst (who assisted us last semester) that will be continuing his work on the website for the game and a man named Skylar Roberts who will be assisting with VO and different sound aspects in the near future. All in all, though we’ve still definitely got our work cut out for us, we’ve made nothing but awesome progress and come up with some amazing ideas for where to take the game from here till the end of the semester.

Honestly, a bit outside of this, one of the best parts of this semester is that it’s looking like it won’t be too overly stressful or at least not as stressful as last semester was which will help with my focus on the game and the tasks at hand. This has also been a bit of a short post, but I promise they’ll be more detailed as the semester progresses, so stay tuned for more weekly updates about not only Sword of the Sorcerer, but any other projects of mine as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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