Let the Battle Begin!

Yes, my last post wasn’t a full week ago, I know, but it’s because I was behind on these first two posts. Let’s just pretend the post before this was from last week, huh? Great! Anyways, we’ve finally had our first group meeting and our firs Sunday work session as a team and both went really well. The meeting was basically us just getting to know one another (for those that didn’t know everyone) and to speak about the direction that the game is going in. We’ve also spoken about the new team roles, with me giving the role of producer to an actual producer and instead taking the roles of lead designer, product owner and creative director.

As for the first Sunday work session, it was a bit of a short one, only lasting 4 hours. Despite that, we managed to get some asset lists done, fix lighting and coloring for the main level and get some future level planning done as well. It isn’t set in stone yet just how we’re going to expand upon the game world but we’re deciding between more actual levels that need to be loaded in or just an expanded level that takes place in one play space. What’s more is that we’re pretty close to deciding whether or not we will be ditching what we have for our tutorial and going the route of tutorial-gameplay integration where we introduce the player to new mechanics and systems naturally throughout gameplay and teach them in the same way, without the massive amount of boring dialogue we have now.

It’s still early in the semester, so we haven’t gotten too far and haven’t settled on everything that we want yet, but we’re in the process of licensing the game in order to put it up on Steam Early Access a bit later on in the semester, free of charge, of course. For now, we plan to progress far enough during the semester that we can sell the game by graduation, though work may continue after school is done. Not too much in the way of news, I know, but I promise there’ll be a lot more coming in the near future, so please make sure to check back every week for updates on our progress! Thanks for reading!


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