Started from the Bottom

We did it everybody! Sword of the Sorcerer is one of 10 games to be selected to move forward into senior production for next semester! I can barely contain my excitement right now, I’m so happy. Hell, we’re all incredibly happy! This game, Sword of the Sorcerer has absolutely been an intense labor of love over the past couple months and we can’t be happier that we get to continue working on the game for the rest of our time here at Champlain College.

For now, it’s Thanksgiving break, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all we have to do is sleep. No, see what happens now is the draft. On Thursday, December 1st, there will be a draft where two representatives from each of the 10 selected teams go and pick up the new members that they would like to work with. On that note, I’d like to outline the roles that my team and I are looking to bring on:

  • Environment Artist – We’ve actually already managed to snag an environment artist that we all love to work with. Our good friend, Rachel McKeen! She’ll be working on 3D assets for new levels and the main level for us, as well as some UI elements to put into the game.
  • Gameplay Programmer – As with the environment artist, we were also lucky enough to pick up a gameplay programmer by the name of Stevie Ulfelder whom some of us are well acquainted with. Plus, he and our new environment artist Rachel worked together on their game, Speed Scoop, this past semester which works out quite well. He’ll be helping out with the general gameplay scripting.
  • AI Programmer – This is a role that we still need to fill, though we’ve been in talks with a few different people to fill it. They will mostly be working on AI for the game, but they are also free to work on general gameplay programming if assistance is needed with it.
  • Prop Artist and/or Animator – We’re looking for another artist to help with props and lighting moving into the second semester production cycle as well. If we can’t get that, then a second animator would be a great resource for us to have as well. We’re already speaking to a good friend of ours by the name of Ben Hiller to see if he would like to fill the role, but the decision hasn’t been made just yet. This role would work on props and help with lighting along with the environment artist. If they’re an animator, they’ll be helping George, our Art Lead, with animations for new enemy types.
  • Producer – Up until this point, I have been working as the Lead Designer and the acting Producer for our team, since our class section actually didn’t have any producers. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been fine with doing so, despite the added work, since it makes for good hours to log and great experience for me. Still, it would be nice to have an actual Producer to take charge of the business and marketing side of the project since they’ll know exactly what they’re doing with that. We’ve already just filled this position today with a good friend of mine, Ben Powell-Francis, so help us welcome him to the team, readers!
  • Systems Designer – Lastly, a designer that specializes in systems would be a great addition for us, though we’re not even in talks with anyone to fill this role just yet, if we will be at all. If I’m to be completely honest, we don’t really need this role to be filled as much as most of the other roles since I have no real problem doing the systems design and number crunching to keep the game balanced.

For now, those are all the roles that we’re looking for and as you can all see, we’ve already managed to fill some of those roles, which is pretty awesome. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, we were only required to make 10 blog posts for the class, but I will keep posting now and throughout the rest of my senior year with updates on development and other things as well. So, stay tuned loyal readers and root for your friendly neighborhood Woo Ladders and Sword of the Sorcerer! Thanks for reading!


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