Moving Forward and Winding Down

I’ve got some great news for you all, my loyal readers. We passed our latest challenge! After unfortunately failing our initial challenge to make it out of Deep Dive back on October 24th due to our combat system not being up to snuff, we really went nose-to-the-grindstone and implemented several new things into the game that 100% more than proved our combat system and its functionality! You know what that means:


That’s right people, we’re now on to the Proof of Concept phase of development for Sword of the Sorcerer and that means that we’ve got a couple different things to do. Actually, at the time of this post’s creation, we’ve already managed to complete some of the most important tasks on our list or at least get quite close to doing so. So, here’s a breakdown of the to-do list:

  • Create a short tutorial that teaches the player about attacking with the new velocity-based damage system and about teleporting.
  • Create materials and particles for three different spells and implement them in the game.
  • Add more sounds and refine the game’s current VO.
  • Work on front-end stuff like a main menu.
  • Hold two more formal QA sessions for the game in the labs.

Now, here’s what we’ve already managed to do since the 31st:

  • We created the tutorial and implemented it into the game.
  • We created the aspects of all three spells and already have two of them implemented for the player to use (single-use only for testing purposes).
  • We’ve added more sounds to the game for spells and we’ve also added background music to the game.
  • We’re holding the first of the two required formal QA sessions tonight (November 3rd).

I mean sure, the bulleted lists themselves may seem short, but there’s a lot of work that goes into each of those individual tasks, and lucky for me, I’m blessed with the best and most talented teammates I could have ever asked for. On a more important note, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post (at least, I think I did), being in the Proof of Concept phase means that we are allowed to ask to present our game on the 21st but we are not guaranteed the privilege of presenting. In light of that, we’ve decided that we will try to challenge into the next phase of development, Vertical Slice, for the sole reason of being guaranteed to present. Even if we don’t make it, though, we’re still looking to be in pretty good shape to be approved to present.

Plus, if you haven’t guessed by now (or read my previous posts), the 21st is really the be-all-end-all for this project. If you present your game on the 21st, the Game Studio professors will them take it and all of the other presented games into the labs on the 22nd and play them. Following their play session, the dreaded team cuts commence. That means that we’ve got 11 days from today (the 3rd) to get our game into a decent and bug-free state. Why only 11 days? Well, the last week before presentations (14th – 21st) should only be spent working on our presentation/game trailer and fixing bugs within the game build. No major changes to the game should really be made during that last week or you’ll lose time that could be spent practicing presentations and polishing the build (bug-fixing). If you’re like a lot of people, then you’d be saying something like “that’s terrifying” or “that’s really daunting.” If you’re like me, though, then you have absolute faith in your teammates and trust that we’ll be able to get our game looking top-notch in the next 11 days and that we’ll be ready once the 21st rolls along.

So wish us luck these next few weeks as we test just how strong our game really is! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for weekly updates!


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