Hurt but Still Moving

So I’ll start this entry off with a bit of bad bad news: we didn’t pass into Proof of Concept. In hindsight, it’s a bit embarrassing given my bear guarantee that we would in my last post. However, we weren’t too bummed out about it. Sure, it did suck that we weren’t able to make it into Proof of Concept but it’s not like we missed it by a mile. No, in fact we actually came incredibly close to making it into Proof of Concept according to our professor. The only thing that kept us from moving into the next phase was the fact that our combat just wasn’t quite where it needed to be at that point. It was close, but the combat system as a whole was definitely missing a few key things that would make it much more engaging. So let’s talk about those things.

First of all, since our game is in the VIVE, it means our combat doesn’t just need to be good, it needs to feel real. The combat itself, despite our game maintaining an aspect of humor, needs to be visceral. In order to achieve that, or get closer to it at this point, we’ve decided to add in some things that we’ve planned to add in for awhile now:

  • Velocity-based damage
  • Player health
  • Enemis need to die in more than one hit
  • Add the ability to parry enemy attacks with their sword
  • Create and implement a “blood spurt” particle effect that plays when the player gets hit
  • Add an icon or some other way of letting the player know they’ve taken damage aside from just the health bar and the blood spurt particle
  • Add in a way of letting the player know that the enemies have taken damage

Basically, this entire week has been focused on one thing: combat. Luckily, despite the fact that we didn’t make it into Proof of Concept, working on combat still adhered to the schedule I had set for us to follow if we had made it through, which means that we’re still on the right track overall. We’re set to challenge again this coming Monday on Halloween and this time, we plan to make it into Proof of Concept. Wish us luck!


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