Deep in the Thick of Things

Welcome back, loyal readers.

I’ll be completely honest with you; this one’s gonna be a bit of a short one and the reason for that is simple. At this point in time, we’re deep into the thick of things and that means work, work and more work. This past Thursday we got our game into the labs for our first formal lab QA session and we found some bugs here and there but also got some great and well-thought-out feedback.

Currently, though, most other things (including other classes) are in the backs of our minds. Rather than trying to challenge on Halloween, we’ve decided to push for a hard deadline for the 24th, next Monday, instead. In the light of that, we’re going full-steam ahead this week with our prototype, our second QA session and the rest of the required documentation.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot left to say for right now, and for that I apologize. However, expect to see a much longer post and a lot more information coming at you in next week’s post. Thanks for reading!


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