Slow Starts

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten to update my blog at all, but I’ve finally got something tangible. Everyone on the Comatose: E15 development team has been busy with work and other commitments but we’ve finally started up with project work. So far, we’ve had two online meetings via Google Hangouts to speak about work and scheduling and they’ve gone rather well. One of the biggest updates to the game is that we have decided to change it from a full game to a demo that will consist of the entire second floor of the hospital, meaning that the full demo should last about an hour. This was done in order to really rein in the scope of the game and to give us a more tangible goal. Following this, I created a full floor plan of the second floor of the hospital using the Autodesk Homestyler program. I’m quite happy with the final layout of the floor, as is the rest of the team, but it more importantly gives me a guide that I can now use to block out the floor in the Unreal Engine which I should be able to begin work on rather soon. What’s more is that our sound designer has created several new tracks for the game already, all of which sound amazing and which we plan to utilize in the final version of our demo.

Overall, it’s definitely been a bit of a slow start with this project, but I’m happy that we’re beginning to make a little progress with it and I think that our decision to switch to a demo was certainly a smart idea. With this project, if we’re able to create a fully playable demo that we’re all happy with, we will create a game trailer and then submit the demo and trailer to Epic Games to apply for their $50,000 grant. Just as I’ve always said, updates will be provided here on the blog for this game and any other games that I’m currently working on either alone or with a team. Thanks for reading!

Click this link and press the copy design button to take a look at my floor layout!:


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