Starting Up

Well, we’re beginning the 3D development process for Comatose E-15 this week, and I’m pretty damn excited to do so. We’re all still trying to get settled into our summer schedules, but our own hype for the game is quite palpable. We haven’t done much so far, but we’ve set up a brand new repository for the game using git and a program called GitKraken.

While my excitement for the development of our game is quite obvious, I’m still actually a bit nervous. See, I’m the only designer on our team, which also makes me the only level designer. That means that I have to design (or at least block out) the entirety of our hospital environment, which is two 3-floor buildings connected by a skybridge (as well as the outside campus area of the hospital) on my own. It’ll be my first time ever making a level so large, so I’m……well, hesitant isn’t quite the word, but I’m somewhere between incredibly excited and super nervous. The first task on my list, before I start blocking out the actual hospital and the game’s starting area, is to create a test level with a few hallways and rooms so that our programmer can begin to code in some of our intended game mechanics and test them to see if they work out. Following that task’s completion, the real exhilarating work will begin, with me beginning to build and block out the hospital itself and everyone else working on their own tasks.

For now, though, development will be a bit slow, at lease until we all get into our team flow. Expect many more updates to come on the game’s development cycle, complete with different pictures from myself and other team members. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better at writing blog posts in the meantime too!


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